August 31, 2015

Finding the Courage to be Accountable and Honest

The lifestyle of addiction is one of lies and hypocrisy. There is a deep need to protect ourselves from the fears, choices and behaviors that are taking place in our life of drugs and alcohol. Accountability and honesty have faded to the background and this causes great shame and more unhealthy decisions. For us to begin to heal, the first step is to find the courage to be honest and grab hold to the value of accountability. When this process begins, a great burden lifts and the empowering strength of “I am in control” returns. Honesty is a difficult process because the world is one of blame and excuses. Society […]
August 24, 2015

Balance – Heart Check In

Balance It is very important to live a balanced life.  Too often people either get over involved in one area of their life, thus neglecting other vital aspects of living, or they under utilize the various aspects of their life thus depriving themselves of a complete and full life.  The following is a series of questions we ask our clients to ponder and then answer for themselves in private, or, in group and individual sessions.  Taking time to assess how we are doing in our journey is as important, and sometimes more important than getting there.  These questions provide a brief check-in into vital areas of our lives.  Grab some […]
August 13, 2015

Sober Ideas

Living a life of sobriety, is often difficult. It’s like learning how to walk all over again.  Losing your crutch or drug, can cause a lot of emotions.  Especially when it’s that time of year again, where the temperatures get hotter & the alcoholic beverage advertising gets stronger. You’re probably wondering “How do I have fun being Sober?” Here’s a list of ideas of fun things to try now that you’re sober 1. Hiking- Get out of the house and get some air.  There’s probably a really cool trail close to your house that you’ve never tried. 2. Get a gym membership. Set fitness goals & stay in shape. 3. […]
August 13, 2015

Mobile Apps for AA Meetings

Twelve Step groups are located all over the world for Alcoholics Anonymous. They are available in any area. Whether you are traveling or close to home there’s on available. A question that is heard a lot is how to find meetings. Of course you can always check online but no you have capability of search right from your cell phone. Check out the Recovery Advisor App or Steps Away APP. Enter your location and instantly find information on a local meeting near you. Heard of another valuable app? Let us know!
August 13, 2015

Top Recovery Blogs

Ever have days when you feel like you’re all alone?  Days when you think there’s no one that could possibly understand what you’re going through? We have all felt those feelings at some point in our recovery but there’s ways to clear your head and focus on others. We encourage you to attend your local meetings & listen to others over service by sharing their stories but ever tried reading a recovery blog?  They are accessible at anytime and available right when you need to lift your spirits and find some encouragement. Here is a few of our favorite Recovery Blogs, let us know if you find others…. 1. The […]
July 2, 2015

Transitioning from “Self-ish” to “Whole Self” in Recovery

You don’t need to be an addict to demonstrate egocentric behavior, sometimes referred to as selfishness.  Entitlement, immaturity, instant-gratification are natural parts of growing up and seem like common sense to under developed brains and relationships.  However, “selfishness” is also a consequence of prolonged substance abuse and dependence. Addiction is a physical/medical experience that alters the brains ability to function.  Perceptions and reasoning skills connected to time, relationships, consequences, and survival are greatly affected when chemicals change the brains ability to do its job. When the brain and physical body is altered, the ripple effects and consequences spread throughout our lives.  So when individuals or family start looking for relief […]