Alcohol Rehab in Utah

alcohol rehab in utah

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Utah is often considered to be a “dry” state due to its strict liquor laws and prevalent religious citizenship who abstain from drinking alcohol altogether. In fact, Utah has consistently ranked among the lowest levels of alcohol consumption in the nation, rating recently #51 out of the 50 states (and Puerto Rico) with an average of 1.37 gallons per year compared to #1 ranked New Hampshire’s 4.65 gallons per year (see the article here). This data isn’t very surprising given Utah’s stereotype but alcohol addiction in Utah is real. The surprising and actually very alarming statistic is the rate of alcohol poisoning deaths as reported in the Salt Lake Tribune: Utah has the seventh-highest rate of alcohol poisoning deaths in the country. This means that even though that on average we drink the absolute least amount of alcohol, we have one of the highest rates of alcohol related deaths in the country.

This statistic is surprising given the low volume of people who actually drink in Utah. The study goes on to show that those most susceptible to alcohol poisoning were men between the ages of 45-64. Couple that with the continued year-over-year increase in alcohol sales in Utah, and you see the perfect storm for alcohol addiction. The Tribune article goes on to highlight the possible contributing factors to alcohol addiction and usage in Utah including:

  • LDS counterculture- Those rebelling against the LDS belief system and binge drinking, and those who are active and drink but feel they cannot get the help they need for fear of shaming.
  • Remote area citizens- The statistics seem to show that those who live in more remote areas, such as Uintah County, are more susceptible to alcohol addiction.

Luckily these statistics are declining and can continue to decline with the proper alcohol rehab in Utah. We here at Chateau Recovery specialize in alcohol addiction treatment in Utah with both traditional and non-traditional treatment programs and methods. As this article has highlighted, alcohol addiction in Utah can very quickly become deadly if not properly treated. Find recovery from alcohol addiction with our Utah alcohol rehab programs. Reach out to us today to learn more.