Build a fulfilling life

outside of addiction

& recreate yourself

Choice Recovery offers intensive outpatient treatment plans that help men & women overcome their struggle with substance use. Our treatment program combines traditional and non-traditional methods to help you create a life outside the label of addiction.

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Simply The Best Treatment You Can Find

Choice Recovery's intensive outpatient treatment plans include 3 days of treatment every week (with Vivitrol shots offered on-site). Our treatment plans also include weekly med management and individualized help based on your needs.

Our dual diagnosis approach and specialist staff allow us to offer unique drug rehabilitation treatment plans and alcohol addiction services tailored to each client.

We have designed a progressive program that utilizes mindfulness, social support, and proactive problem-solving discussions that bring people together for a common purpose: creating a meaningful life outside addiction.

Choice Recovery welcomes individuals who struggle with chemical dependence issues from all kinds of backgrounds. We do things differently here ...

Regardless of your previous treatment or recovery experience, our goal is to expose each client to a wide range of support groups, mental health tools, and perspectives so they can make educated decisions about self-management.

With the right care, you can move beyond the label of addiction and rediscover a life without substance abuse. The journey of individual and family wellness and recovery starts with personal choice.

Please request a call back today and seek help from a professional with years of experience. You are not alone. In fact, our entire team is ready to help!

What To Expect Once You Contact Our Team

Upon request, Micah Niles (our admissions specialist) will contact you the very same day.

You will be asked questions to help us understand your personal situation, so we can determine if our outpatient program is an appropriate level of care.

We will be upfront with you about the financial cost, and will research your health insurance policy to discover if you have benefits for substance abuse treatment.

After the initial phone call, we ask all new clients to fill out an application.Our Clinical Director personally looks over every application to determine if we are the best fit for you. (Once an application is submitted, it gets reviewed that same day).

Senior staff members personally meet with every participant and their families where appropriate. We want to understand who you are, where you're coming from and how our team can assist you on your path to recovery.